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2013 Mar 14

New SmugMug Embed WordPress plug-in is just what I have been looking for!

I have been looking for a SmugMug plug-in for my WordPress Blog for the last 2 months and “SmugMug Embed” is the one I have been looking for. It allows me to very easily add (embed) a link to one of my SmugMug gallery images in a WP post. I did not want to actually add the images to the WP Media files, so this is the perfect solution. Also you can configure details for the linked image such as the caption and what happens when the image is clicked.

The following image was embedded in this post using the the “SmugMug Emded” plugin.

2010, SmugMug, animals, arizona, grand canyon, lizard, macro, personal favorite, scenery nature, usa, vacation Driving Trip around the Grand Canyon, Arizona

This is my custom caption just for this particular link of the image.